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six steps to deal with bloated stomachs

Want to look sexy with a bikini?
Make sure your abdominal muscles in tight
circumstances and certainly not bloated. This bloated stomach problems occur not only in someone who has a body fat but also lean.
If your stomach is now starting to bulge, try to do tricks easily from Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass, to reduce them. Both are the author of "The
Flat Belly Diet". Here are six steps to deal with bloated stomachs, which was launched from CBS
1. Carefully counting calories
Calculate your calorie intake your body needs.
Instead, every meal, you can simply eat foods
that contain 400 calories.
2. Eat every four hours.
Do not ever pass the time more than four hours
without eating. This can trigger you to eat more.
3. Consumption of healthy fats
Fatty foods are not always bad. Choose foods
containing monounsaturated fatty acids or
monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA).
That's because monounsaturated fatty acids to
burn more calories in the first five hours after you
eat. Then, make you feel full with fewer calories,
because of its natural fat content. Foods that
contain lots of MUFA for example, nuts, avocados
and fish.
4. Stress management
When your mind feels stressed, will impact on
the body. The body will produce the hormone
cortisol, which can turn into belly fat. So, with
good stress management can also reduce the risk
of increased distended abdomen.
5. Canvass
To remain consistent on a diet, do not hesitate to
join the group. You can follow the health mailing
list, to get their support and the latest medical info
to keep motivated.
6. Make a note
You also can make the agenda or related records
food and physical activity. Write in detail what
your food and the amount. This is to remind you
more able to control the desire to eat.

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