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New Google Plus

Google +, Google's social network,
now has 170 million users worldwide. However, many
are calling the Google + display is very standardized
and rigid.
Google did not stay silent over Google + complaints
from users. If you do not move quickly, Google + more
certain to lag behind its competitors, Facebook, which
has revolutionized first appearance with its Timeline.
Starting Wednesday (4/12/2012), Google + appeared
with a new look and updated features. What are the
changes and new? Let's start from the initial display.
This is your first time logging in after a new design
Google + will receive a notification from Google to see
the video below:
After listening to the video, Google will guide you to a
tour to see the latest features offered by Google +.
Take a tour and users will find the new look profile
and front view Google + hers.
To the left of the display will show the option the user
profile such as Home, Explore, Hangouts, Circle, and
Users can pick these features up or down, as desired.
Features that are rarely used can be hidden to the
"More" by dragging the feature and move it to the
Timeline As with Facebook, Google + users now also
can replace the cover photo on the profile. It's easy,
just click on the bottom of the cover picture, then click
the command to change the cover photo. On the right
there is a photo cover photo profiles can also be easily
changed by clicking a command to change the photo.
For the "Circle" is now on the right, just below the
profile picture. Therefore, the central part of the profile
is a record of user activity when using the Google +,
such as the Update Status sharing photos, YouTube
videos, to plan the Hangouts.
Either on the front page and profile page will be
available in chat feature (in the upper right, just below
Hangouts feature) so that users can instantly chat
with friends online.
+ Google profile will change the display as follows:
Users can try out new features included in the box to
Update Status on the front page of Google +. Status of
the user that contains the text can be equipped with a
photo, video, or a website link.
On additional video, users can instantly retrieve video
from YouTube by clicking the red button to add a
video, then click on YouTube. Pop-up window will
appear that allows users to search for YouTube videos
you want to share, without having to visit YouTube.
Enter keywords into search engines, and some video
related keywords will appear. Users can choose one
video to be incorporated into the Update Status on
Google +.
This method is certainly easier than ever to share
videos offered by Facebook, YouTube should be
opened first and then move into the URL code Update
Status column.

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